Funding available for projects in tree canopy improvement and best regenerative agricultural management practice adoption efforts.

WFSI 2024 Grant Cycle Open

Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation (“WFSI”) is now accepting applications for its fourth grant cycle. WFSI will award funds for its Tree Canopy Improvement Grant and the John Harsch Regenerative Agriculture Grant. The letter of intent and applications will be accepted now through March 1, 2024.

Carbon-positive practices, regenerative agriculture and ecosystem-focused practices are keys to a sustainable future. WFSI administers projects directly funded by donors to empower sustainability projects that reduce carbon footprints, increase biodiversity and use of renewable resources.

To apply for a tree canopy improvement grant, WFSI is looking to support nonprofit organizations that are involved in planting trees in urban and suburban areas, greenspaces and increasing tree species diversity.

Nonprofit organizations, farmers, landowners or producers interested in best regenerative agricultural management practices that impact water quality, soil erosion, soil health index, synthetic fertilizer, effective use of manure, biodiversity, or methane and nitrous oxide emissions are eligible to apply for the John Harsch Regenerative Agriculture Grant.

“Since the Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation’s inception in Fall 2020, $525,000 has been awarded to seven organizations that further our mission through their projects and initiatives,” said Scott Packard, WFSI chairman. “We are thrilled to see the progress these organizations have made through our funding and hope to continue making a positive impact on our planet with those we’ll award during this year’s grant cycle.”

To learn more about the open grants and how to apply, visit