We are dedicated to finding resources to make the world a better place.

We care about our planet and the communities we live and work in. From regenerative agricultural practices, to creating spaces for native species to thrive, to finding ways to make our communities more sustainable, we are committed to creating opportunities for forward thinking solutions that reduce environmental risk to our communities and the planet at large. Through fundraising and grant-making, we aim to empower sustainability projects that help reduce carbon footprints through carbon positive practices and carbon emission offsetting.

Together with our network of agriculture and forestry industry connections, our team has a shared passion for innovating for tomorrow. United, we can create partnerships for lasting change.

Our Mission and Vision

The Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation exists to foster innovative sustainability initiatives that make a positive impact on our planet. We want to find solutions to the complex challenges facing our world today.

Our vision is to facilitate positive action toward sustainable and innovative solutions in agricultural and environmental sectors that reduce carbon footprints and minimize risk for our communities.

Values We Share


It is our passion and we commit to making actions toward a better tomorrow.


We believe that new ideas are key to sustainability and our goal is to foster innovative initiatives to make a positive impact on our planet.


We can only move the needle on sustainability by working together to create partnerships that make lasting change.


Our goal is to be as impactful as we can through a standardized and transparent grant process that gives the most support to our projects and results in quantifiable outcomes.


We abide by the highest ethical standards.


We exhibit it toward our team, our partners, our communities and our planet.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

The foundation supports projects that work to reduce carbon footprints through the following initiatives.

Habitat Reclamation

Habitat Reclamation

Restoration of habitats creates spaces for native flora and fauna and microorganisms to survive. Natural landscapes are integral to functioning ecosystems and increasing biodiversity, not to mention creating habitats for pollinator species like bees and butterflies that we so desperately need for agricultural success.

Sustainable Ag Practices 1

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agricultural practices have a far-reaching impact on the industry and our lives. We aim to reduce carbon emissions by fostering projects that innovate row crop sustainability and dairy, beef, pork and poultry operations to create practices that are sustainable for years to come.


Renewable Energy

We care about carbon positive practices that harness renewable resources like solar, wind and biomass for improved efficiencies and overall reduction in use. Organic matter often sourced from agricultural production, garbage and tree pruning can be converted to energy in various ways, recycling it back into the agricultural operation that created it or fueling our communities.



Soil sequestering practices have wide-reaching benefits like restoring and building organic matter in the soil and increasing biodiversity. It boosts water infiltration and retention and reduces erosion. Through practices like no till, applying organic matter like manure and biochar, and planting cover crops, we improve soil health as well as take CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Planting trees is a simple act that makes a huge impact in our urban, suburban and rural communities. They provide shade, release oxygen and improve air quality, improve soil quality and biodiversity, all of which contributes to offsetting carbon emissions. 

Water Management


We want to find ways to protect and restore the integrity of our water resources. We aim to fund projects focused on practices that create efficiencies and reduce the agricultural production impact on water quality and benefit our communities by conserving one of our most important natural resources. 

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