Grant Programs

Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation administers projects directly funded by donors that help reduce carbon footprints through carbon positive practices and emission offsetting. The foundation holds open application periods for projects that focus on reducing environmental risk through regenerative agricultural practices, habitat restoration and using natural energy sources to make our communities more sustainable. If any specific projects are included in the grant cycle, they will be posted here.

Please send us a letter of intent (details below) including the name of your organization, a brief summary of your proposed project and how it fits into the foundation’s priorities to [email protected]. If your project meets our criteria for the project, you will be sent our standard grant application. Letters of intent and applications are accepted from January 15 – March 1, 2024. Grants will be awarded in late spring/early summer.

Previous award recipients are eligible to apply for grants during new cycles.

Grant Categories

Tree Canopy Improvement Grant

WFSI has grant funds to go toward one or more competitive grants for tree canopy improvement.

We are looking to partner with a nonprofit organization who has a network to reach communities involved in the following canopy improvement efforts:
• Increasing tree species diversity
• Planting in urban and suburban areas and greenspaces

John Harsch Regenerative Agriculture Grant

WFSI has grant funds to go toward one or more competitive grants for best regenerative agricultural management practice adoption.

We are looking to partner with nonprofit organizations, farmers, landowners or producers who are interested in adopting best regenerative agricultural management practices that impact one or several of these areas:
• Improve water quality
• Reduce soil erosion
• Increase soil health index
• Reduce synthetic fertilizer use
• Increase effective manure use as a fertilizer
• Increase biodiversity
• Reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions

Apply for a Grant

Letter of Intent

During each open cycle, applicants must first submit a letter of intent (LOI). Our grants committee will review all applicant LOIs to ensure the proposed work meets the scope and intent of the grants to be awarded. If a letter of intent meets the criteria, applicants will be provided with a standardized application form.

Your letter of intent must not exceed 200 words and should briefly describe your project and its desired outcomes. Please send letters of intent to [email protected] and include the following in the subject line:

  • Applicant Organization Name
  • Letter of Intent
  • Grant Cycle e.g. Wright for Tomorrow Letter of Intent, Spring 2024

Before you send us your LOI:

  • Make sure your organization is eligible for a grant and does not have any conflict of interest.
  • Your project is compatible with our mission. You can view our initiatives on our About page.


After your letter of intent has been determined to fit within the grant cycle priorities, you will be sent an application form. All applicants must apply using the standard form provided by the foundation and comply with its required contents and attachments.

All projects administered through Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation must meet the following requirements:

  • Fit into the foundation’s mission and initiatives
  • Be designed and documented with appropriate protocols
  • Not promote proprietary products or services
  • Have a clear and charitable intent and purpose

Grant Application Timeframe

Each year Wright Foundation for Sustainability and Innovation has an open application period. The open application period for the Spring/Summer 2024 grant cycle is January 15 – March 1, 2024.

Grant Committee

Our grants committee brings together passion and expertise in nonprofits and sustainable and regenerative practices in agriculture, vegetation management and our communities to make sure our grant projects make the most impact for our mission and in the field.

Ready to send us your LOI?

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